hot tea, eggs in the morning, funny people who make you pee your pants, good music, gummy bears, voluminous hair, red wine, cute miniature things, concord grapes, cartoons, french toast in stick-form, outer space, fresh pineapple, sturdy lumberjack boots, dark stubble, the first five minutes of being in a hot tub, candles that smell good, tattoos, black jeans, photographs of cool stuff, stars, roller coasters that make you shit yourself, campfires in the middle of the night, hiking, chocolate, cuddling when its cold out, cuddling when its warm out and you're not sweating, netflix, cold apple cider, quad-ing, sushiii, autumn with all the colorful leaves, big antlers, peanut butter on most things, building tents, hot chocolate with the little marshmallows, beanies, hoop earrings, flannel things, good beer, colorful sunsets, wolves, lightning storms, cozy boyfriend sweaters, going on little adventures, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and all that stuff.


my room isn’t messy it’s grunge

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(via wickedliquid)

Let whatever is happening happen. Life is trying to help you grow.
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